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December 2018 Edition 

It’s that time of year again! In this month’s festive newsletter we have a Christmas quiz, with a prize to be won! We also have an article about the new scour vaccine for cattle. We will be hosting  a ‘Responsible use of medicines’ talk on 23rd January to help compliance with Red Tractor Recommendations. Details are on the back page – please call the office to book your place!

Please call the office to confirm your place.

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As always we are available 24/7 for emergencies.

Finally, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Responsible use of medicines talk


We will be hosting this talk to help compliance with

Red Tractor Recommendations.

When:         Wednesday 23rd January, 7pm 

Where:     Appleby Golf Club

 Cost:         £40

 Course content

Appropriate medicine usage, critically important antibiotics, storage, handling, safe administration, understanding data sheets, withdrawal periods, avoiding antibiotic failures, record keeping and dry cow therapy.

The course is suitable for all farmers. It meets all the criteria for the Far

m Assurance recommendation that at least one member of farm staff should be trained in medicines administration.

Food and a certificate of attendance will be provided.

Bovigen Scour

Bovigen® S

cour now approved as a 1­shot vaccine in cows and heifers (12­3 weeks pre­calving)


Available on special offer now

Virbac’s calf scour vaccine Bovigen Scour is now registered for use as a 1­shot vaccine in both cows and heifers, regardless of previous vaccination status. The vaccine, given 12­3 weeks prior to calving, boosts the dam’s colostrum antibody levels to rotavirus, coronavirus and E. coli K99 – the major viral and bacterial causes of calf scour.

Immunity is transferred to calves via the colostrum and protection depends on the calf ingesting an adequate amount of colostrum from the vaccinated dam soon after birth. A good

colostrum management program is therefore essential.

Calf scour is a very common and distressing problem, and Bovigen Scour offers an effective option in the management of the disease.

If you are concerned about calf scour please get in touch with the practice to discuss the potential benefits of using the vaccine in your herd.

Bovigen Scour (3ml dose) is available in 5 and 30 dose bottles

For this month only it is available at a special price 


Tethera’s Christmas Quiz

Can you work out the answers to the following questions?

The answers can all be found in the anagrams beneath the questions. Hand back your completed question sheet for a chance to win a prize.

  1. Often associated with winter and Christmas time, the robin is a welcome sight as the weather turns colder, but what is their favourite thing to eat for Christmas dinner?
  2. In which country do they believe that cows begin to talk and seals take on human form on New Years Eve?   
  3. Mary rode into Bethlehem on a donkey, but if her donkey had suddenly become stiff in the legs with muscle spasm and prolapse of the third eyelid what disease should she suspect? (*Bonus Point, what are her chances of getting to Bethlehem now?*)
  4. Turkeys often form the centrepiece of a Christmas dinner, but in medieval times what bird was enjoyed to celebrate on the 25th?
  1. The three wise men said to have attended the birth of Jesus arrived on camels, but if one of the camels had given birth in December which month would they have conceived in?
  2. The nativity suggests Shepherds were watching their flock at night when an angel appeared and gave them a fright, but what breed of sheep would they be watching over?                                                                        


Anagrams ­ solve the anagrams and match them to the questions above Core bot j Aunt set j Ace pock j Is a was j same mr owl j die clan